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People who’ve attended weddings were someone objected, what happened?

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People who’ve attended weddings were someone objected, what happened?

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My one cousins wedding. This was in Ireland so not the states so weddings are very religious over there if you are a Catholic. We were just sitting there while the priest was talking. One of his “friends” got up, and said Conor (not his real name) I should’ve told you earlier, but she slept with me, and one of our mutual cousins. He claimed he wouldn’t be a good catholic if he let it slide. Everyone gasped, and both my cousins pressed him. His story crumbled like crazy my uncle punched him in the face, and we waited like 45 minutes. The priest said I don’t endorse violence but he deserved it. The wedding continue, and all went well. Only other thing that happened is cop took statements from a few people including my Uncle, and the priest who didn’t leave yet.

My wife was at a wedding where everyone WANTED to object, but no one did it.

Everyone there except the priest and the groom knew the bride had been sleeping with the best man for the entire engagement. At the reception, the bride and the best man snuck off because they both thought it would be ‘sexy’ to fuck in her wedding dress. 8 years later, the husband still has no idea, and they still hang out with his ‘best man’ very frequently.

Fun fact: The actual wording of the question asks if anybody knows any lawful reason why the marriage should not take place. In other words, if one of them is already married, or one is underage, or if the marriage is being forced, etc. “She can’t marry him because she’s in love with me” only happens in the movies.

I didn’t know these people then, but some of my friends who work at Disney did a wedding where they all had a “part” to play to make the wedding as chaotic/stereotypical as possible

There was the child who tasted the cake before everyone else ate, the drunk uncle, the people who proposed at the wedding, the underdressed cousin who made it all about themselves, the objector, the crashers, and a bunch more. There were like 100 people there.

It really seemed like a fun wedding that only a bunch of theater kids could pull off.

Not necessarily “objected.” However, I was about to marry my beloved when officers arrived and told me that I needed to go with them. I was just as confused as my guests but went with them, saying that it was likely a misunderstanding.

Little did I know that I had been framed for being a part of the Bonapartist faction. Another’s man jealousy had landed me in jail. My accusers wanted me to fail but I pushed forward. Using my wits, I made my escape. I had learned that not only had 14 years passed since I was incarcerated, but my father had actually died and my beloved Mercédes had married another and had actually had a child with him. 14 years had passed. My face had altered dramatically. I could barely recognize my own reflection. I used this to my advantage as I plotted vengeance against my accusers