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PERSONS OF REDDIT, what is the best RIDDLE you know, that would make someone loose their minds over it?

It’s not a riddle but I really like this simple maths question.

Using only 2 and 3, what is the largest number you generate. You can use combinations of any mathematical operators (like addition, subtraction, etc) but the numbers should be used only once.

Edit: The answer is >!(32)! = 2.6313084e+35 !<

Totally solve-able, but try to do it without writing it down or using outside resources. This is best done strictly verbal. You have a 3 gallon bucket and a five gallon bucket and an unlimited supply of water. You must get EXACTLY four gallons in one of the buckets, or you will be executed. You have no other way of measuring the water, and no other tools, aside from the two buckets. How do you achieve precisely 4 gallons?


What has it got in its pocketses?

If God truly exists… then who created god?