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Pet rock owners of Internet, which is the best rock for a beginner ?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Pet rock owners of MassimoL, which is the best rock for a beginner ?
Pet rock owners of MassimoL, which is the best rock for a beginner ?

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A Brick. Bricks are a species that have been bred and domesticated from the Clay genus, often containing several traits from the Mineral family. They are a hardy, robust species that when looked after properly live a long and happy life.

They can be owned individually but they are social creatures so it is better to start with a group of three or more to form a “Pile”, with more experienced owners eventually forming a “Ton”. With enough patience, effort and expense an owner may witness their Bricks achieve their highest potential and become blessed with a “House”.

Start small, pebbles are easy and are great for beginners. If you dive in with a huge stone you may not be able to properly care for it.

They all make very good pets, but don’t take them for granite

A lot of people (even in this very thread) are going to tell you to start with a brick. They’re domesticated specifically for human use, true, but that’s because they’re a working breed. If you don’t intend to use your rock for masonry work, I would call it borderline cruelty. They want to work. They’re made to work. If you’re just going to keep it inside as a companion, you’re going to have one unhappy rock.

Instead, I would recommend something from the sedimentary family. They’re common and easy to find, usually made from multiple materials and therefore less prone to health problems like purebred metamorphics, and typically have stable temperaments unlike many volcanic rocks.

As long as you’re ready to not do any work, and you do your research before you commit, you should be able to handle most any rock that falls into your lap. Good luck on your long journey. With a complete lack of any effort whatsoever, your rock should outlast you.

A pebble