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Recently it was revealed that one of the glitter industry’s biggest buyers is confidential, as they “don’t want anyone to know that it’s glitter.” What do you think it’s secretly used for?

Hygiene products. Ever looked really carefully at your shampoo? A lot of them are faintly shimmery in a weird way. It’s not chemical-it’s super tiny mica glitter. Soap too.

My other guess is car paint, but people would probably get over that eventually. Edit: yeah looks like they just admitted the car paint.

Car finish

I was hoping it was the DOD so we could carpet bomb the crap out of certain parts of the globe with glitter.

“Hello, is this Glitter R’ Us? Yes, I’d like to order another 50,000 tons please.”.

“Aziz! Khalid! What is this stuff, it’s everywhere!”.

It’s gotta be sand. Like for beaches at resorts or that have to rebuild after a hurricane.

chemical warfare