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[SERIOUS] Everyone knows about chocolate and dogs… what’s a lesser known danger towards dogs and cats?

Not dangerous to them but a helpful tip. If you’re dog does eat chocolate and you notice soon enough. Give them a spoon full of peroxide. It causes them to vomit it up. It won’t be pleasant but it will save your dogs life. It saved mine after she ate mouse poison. I recommend using a turkey baster to give it to them.

P.s mine are medium size dogs and the amount varies on size. You should be able to find this method online and the appropriate amount to use.

Cold winter and warm car motors for cats. Grew up on a farm with out door cats. It’s horrific when they get killed when the motor turns over.

Undiluted essential oils, specifically tea tree. Just don’t use that shit on them

I always try to spread the word about just how toxic lilies are to cats. If you have cats, don’t bring them in your house at all. Ever. Don’t throw them away in an uncovered garbage can. Don’t let the cat brush against the lilies, chew the lilies, drink the water, get pollen on them, 0 contact. Have experienced cats dying from kidney failure after trying to prevent it for days in the hospital as an ER vet tech. It’s so sad and so preventable.

ANOTHER big one: Glucosamine and chondroitin chews. Have had at least 3 dogs that ate a whole bag and died from liver failure and/or essentially salt toxicity. They are safe if fed as directed. But keep them locked up otherwise!

And lastly, human medications. Naproxen (Aleve) is one of the worst ones and just a little can kill your pet. ibuprofen and acetaminophen are also quite serious. Stimulants such as adderall or ritalin are also common and dangerous toxicities we see in my ER.

Final note: if your dog ingests illegal drugs, please just tell us what it was. We aren’t gonna report you unless you fed it intentionally for a laugh or to cause injury. If it was an accident, we honestly don’t care if you are doing meth or whatever. We’re not judging you for having illegal drugs or for addiction. We’re here for your pet 🙂

Xylitol. It’s a sweetener used in candy, some chewing gum, and cheap shitty peanut butter. It will kill your dog. I buy crappy peanut butter (JIF) for the Kong, but it doesn’t contain this. Stuff from the dollar store or aldi probably does.