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[SERIOUS] Everyone knows about chocolate and dogs… what’s a lesser known danger towards dogs and cats?

A large amount of fatty meats consumed at one time can cause severe acute pancreatitis in your dog, which can be lethal. The day after Thanksgiving Is known as Pancreatitis day in some vet offices.

CHEAP FLEA/TICK PREVENTATIVE :/ it’s a killer. Prime example… Sergeant’s products, often found at the dollar store. Just DON’T. It’s a pesticide so you might as well get the expensive, thoroughly tested brands. *there is risk of reaction with any medication but you can reduce this by going with a good brand developed and recommended by veterinarians and researchers

There are a bunch of essential oils that are toxic to cats and dogs. There have been a lot of warnings circulating around social media sites from people who made the mistake of using essential oil diffusers, and their pets became seriously sick because the oils were inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Roaches, especially for cats, that not only chase them but also eat them. Roaches carry a lot of deseases and will make your animals sick.

For dogs common toads and foxtail plant.

My dog picked up a toad in his mouth and even though he didn’t bite down on it and immediately spit it out it made him very sick. I don’t mean the poisonous invasive toads in Florida.