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[serious] what’s something someone told you when you were suicidal that actually helped a bit?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: [serious] what’s something someone told you when you were suicidal that actually helped a bit?
[serious] what’s something someone told you when you were suicidal that actually helped a bit?

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When I was deep in my depression, my family and I went to visit my grandma and some other realtives in Florida over I winter break (I was in high school), and I don’t remember the circumstances but my grandma and I were alone and she told me she could tell I was depressed. Just her simply acknowledging my depression really helped a lot. She told me about how there was a time when she was depressed as a young woman too and that it wasn’t unusual and that I wasn’t alone in it. She was the first person to even initiate a conversation with me regarding my depression. Then a few weeks after we returned home a recieved a letter from her giving me words of encouragement. That letter probably saved my life and I still have it.

Instead of looking inward look outward.

Looking a bone here anything that even marginally works rather than the usual clichés that only make me feel guilty and force me to pretend like yeah they helped me out thanks a lot


A lot of you are referring to leaving behind loved ones, in my case there are none

Hey mate, unfortunately there’s not going to be much that we can say that will help beyond look to the people in your life, take it one day at a time, it’ll get better, blah blah blah.

However, while all you want to feel right now is relief from the pain, and buddy trust me I relate, ending it won’t do that. You won’t feel that relief. Your last breath will be that pain and that pain alone.

And that is if you’re lucky enough to actually be able to kill yourself, and no I’m not condoning suicide – I’m saying that it’s a lot easier to fuck up your attempt and leave you permanently crippled, scarred or even a total vegetable.

I understand where you’re coming from though, I’ve been there. Had years of not feeling worthy and ideation.

I know you said in a comment you have no family, but do you have many friends at all? I highly recommend spending lots of time with them if they make you feel good, and maybe open up to one or some if you truly trust them.

Get yourself a dog. Or a cat if you live alone and spend the days out of the house.

Something that seriously helped me, was a change or scenery. I packed my bags and moved to a different country. Might not be a bad idea if you have no obligations to where you are? Or maybe even to a new city. A fresh start mate, exciting.

Feel free to dm me whenever, honestly

“If something ever happened to you where I’d never be able to talk to you again I’d be deeply destroyed.”

Nothing anyone ever said to me made me want to keep living as much as this did. It made me realize that there was someone who cared about me. Whenever I think about ending it all I think back to this statement.