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[serious] what’s something someone told you when you were suicidal that actually helped a bit?

I hope this doesn’t get buried but a random drunk dude saved my life one night by saying.

“Stick around to piss off the assholes who want you gone”

Thanks random drunk dude I have a good life now that I stuck around, and I totally pissed off some assholes

“Fuck you, get your shit together! Don’t run away from your problems, face them you asshole “

Ngl, it was nice to get scolded instead of being consoled! It made me feel like people are not faking it but they do care very genuinely

I’ve had severe depression for 10 years now but only recently went on medications. For me no amount of attention or hopeful words from friends/family helped. What gave me hope is realizing that I asked questions like yours, which meant that my brain was still trying to find some sort of hope, some sort of exit towards normality/happiness. The fact that I had the ability to recognize that the way i felt was not normal, that I wanted to be ok, as faint as that thought and desire was it was still there.

I guess after i recognized that I had to fight against my own philosophy on medications (I have an addictive personality & always thought I should be able to resolve my own shit). It took me some time to get to a mental space where I finally allowed myself to say that it is ok to seek help, that seeking help does not make me weak, that no matter what I am still in control but I can not control how my body creates chemicals. I have been on meds since January and it has definitely helped.

Of course that is just my personal story. My DMs are 100% open and I am sending hugs and love to anyone feeling this way right now

My crush (now boyfriend) wrote me a whole paragraph about how important I am to him. It was painful when he didn’t feel the same about me, and in that moment he still probably didn’t feel the same, but that didn’t even matter to me. I can’t describe how loved I felt.

“Mom would be sad”