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[Serious] Okay white people, we’ve posted, we’ve shared, we’ve listened. What are our next steps to legitimately help the #blacklivematter movement?

Police chiefs, DA’s, judges, county supervisors – these are all elected officials. Rally for people with progressive politics, progressive donors, and transparent agendas.

Realize that we have the potential to transform our world, our city, our country – even with all of its troubles today – into something truly utopian. Be excited about a future where racism really is history, and education and transparency are the pillars of a peaceful and joyful society where diversity is celebrated. We might not live to see it but it is worth working towards.

  1. Call your elected reps. Every one that matters. Find out what they’re doing and tell them what you want to see done. And tell them you will VOTE.

  2. If any of them are obvious problems, POST IT. Tell people about who got VOTED INTO OFFICE.

  3. Organize the VOTE.

Don’t act like it’s special to respect people with another skin color

I feel this is tagged serious but the question itself is a dig at white people wanting to speak for BLM.

Bravo ?

donating money to charities that help the cause, joining in protests, educating yourself about issues regarding race, reading the relevant books/articles