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[Serious] Okay white people, we’ve posted, we’ve shared, we’ve listened. What are our next steps to legitimately help the #blacklivematter movement?

This isn’t a black thing, it’s a police-military state problem. More white people have been killed by cops than black people. This isn’t something white people can fix, it’s a police issue.

Change will start from the bottom up. You vote in who you want, it’s just another 1%. As long as there are posts defending violent racist police, then it will not change. From the outside it appears that white Americans are predisposition to fear black Americans and then add in some guns and you have crazy land. I truely hope someone comes up with a solution cos, if you go down, we all go down. Financially we are all linked, no doubt my insurance will go up to cover the costs of the riots, even though I’m on anoth continent

This may sound naive, but we truly do live in a more domino effected world than we think. Start small, do your part in your day to day community and it’ll spread. Actions and words are habitual and of course nothing will ever be a quick change, ever, but small steps lead to lasting impacts that I believe if we each TRULY do our part, outside the media gratification game that seems to overrule the true actions we need to take now and forever, I really do think we can get somewhere. Research, educate, share and do your part… even when no one is looking.

Don’t stop. Just because you have posted, shared, and listened when the entire world is watching doesn’t mean that the issues go away when the public attention shifts. Continue to be a public ally.

Comprehensive law enforcement reform. (It’s getting a lot of attention, the server seems to be down)