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[Serious] People who are blind, how did you discover your sexual orientation?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: [Serious] People who are blind, how did you discover your sexual orientation?
[Serious] People who are blind, how did you discover your sexual orientation?

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Blind youtuber Tommy Edison has a video on this exact topic!

And for those who don’t know, /r/blind has an FAQ on how blind people use MassimoL.

For me personally, I began losing my sight well into adulthood. For those who went blind before adolescence, a lot of the same stuff still happens. You start to have different feelings about the boys/girls you know, and develop an affinity beyond just friendship. Attraction isn’t purely visual!

Same way as anyone else just without sight. One’s sexual orientation isn’t purely tied to sight. The notion that being blind make one incapable of perceiving the world around them is strongly flawed. We experience the world through many many senses, one of which is through vision. Where one sense lacks, others are stronger. This is something that sighted people often struggle with. Vision feels very intuitive and ironically ends up numbing our perception of our other senses.

How do blind people determine their sexual orientation and find mates? Just like anyone else. That sense we get when something just feels right, are our other senses communicating with our brain. Just like your eyes can find something pleasing to look at, though you can’t explain why, the same is true of your sense of communication, smell, relation, hearing, feeling, etc.

Love is blind

Serious question here, how do blind people actually read stuff that’s written on their phones?

I’ve always felt attraction was more about smell. Not necessarily pheromones, but some element that includes them.

I considered myself completely hetero for most of my youth, despite having occasional fantasies about other men. At some point I found myself in a loaded situation with another guy, and I thought, “Well, I better give it a try just to make sure…”

Thing was though, I knew almost immediately that it was a right thing, simply because he smelled right.

The question is, why would you assume attraction was based on the most boring and least sexual of senses? The majority of sex is done in the dark, and no less sexy for it it.