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Straight people of Internet, what made you realise you weren’t gay?

I love femininity. It compliments my masculinity. I love women and I can’t imagine being gay or even living without women. They are cool

The fact that it never even crossed my mind that I have to realize I’m not gay.

I lived in Montreal for a while and I’m kind of the size, shape and temperament of what you might call a twink. I got hit on often, and rebuffed it every time. I’m 90% sure. Although Ryan Reynolds…

Saw a shot of a muscly guy and a bikini clad girl standing and kissing and the camera is rotating around them, and when the camera was on the guy’s back my eyes would train on where the girl would appear again, because even the slightest bit of girl was more interesting than a muscly guy’s back

I’m extremely attracted to women, and am not attracted to men.