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Swear words are people. What do they dress like?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Swear words are people. What do they dress like?
Swear words are people. What do they dress like?

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The most famous seven people in the world:

Shit: Blue collar attire – dirty jeans and a plaid shirt

Piss: Hoodie and sweatpants and headphones held together with scotch tape

Fuck: the king of the swears, wears a velvet robe and crown

Cunt: dressed as a british magistrate with a black robe and powdered wig

Cocksucker: bikini bottoms and rollerskates

Motherfucker: Richard Pryor costume

Tits: just a bra

Syka blyat and also kurva are wearing an Adidas tracksuit.

“Fuck” is 25 year old woman who can both dress like a grunge emo, or like a princess. She is versatile. She looks good in every outfit. She always has a new outfit for every occasion. The over 30s love her and the under 30s love her.

I don’t know if this is a common swear word or if my old boss made it up but the term CheeseDick. I’d imagine a CheeseDick wearing high end designer clothing that is sure to have the designer’s names blatantly printed across large surfaces of the garment so we all know they don’t know how to spend their money.

“Bitch” is actually a sassy pair of twins, brother and sister, who each have the capacity for classy updress outfits to fit in at a cocktail party in the evening, then can dress down and dirty for a kegger the next day. Context is critical to adjusting their attire, but they can fashionably mix it up as necessary.