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Teachers Of Internet have you ever had to explain a students death if so what did you tell them?

A girl killed herself my sophomore year and they just sent a mass email to the teachers so theyncould tell us. I was in math at the time and my teacher just told us what happened then said we shouldnt let it get in the way of our lesson and kept teaching. Fucked up thing is she was in his seminar which in our school was where a group of students is assigned to a teacher freshmen year through senior year and he just could not give less of a fuck

When I was in 6th grade, one of my peers’ appendix burst on Thanksgiving Day. While in the hospital, doctors discovered he had previously undetected cancer (not sure what type specifically). It wasn’t until spring of the following year that he passed away. I remember my teacher telling us what had happened, and then my entire class made sympathy cards for his family.

Honestly, I completely forgot about it until I came across this question. I can’t believe that was already over a decade ago.

A kid in one of my high school classes died in his sleep over Spring Break. Some sort of random heart failure. They didn’t make an announcement but word traveled pretty quickly because he was a prominent member of the cross-country team. Anyway, 3rd period rolled around and his best friend walked in smiling and laughing with someone. When the bell rang, she asked someone near her where her friend was. We all heard and realized she didn’t know yet. My poor 25-year old, fresh-out-of-college history teacher had to pull her aside to tell her that her best friend was dead. She ran out of the room crying and he looked sick to his stomach. Then he had to teach our class

I think this might have needed a serious tag friend.

Not a teacher, but we had two suicidal type deaths that we were told about. The first time was when I was in 4th grade, our teacher was gone for a week and the sub we had told us that her son had had his last day on earth with us. Eventually the teacher came back after 2 months and she was depressed. We all loved her so much so we made her days as fun as possible but 1 month later her dad ended up getting put into the hospital so she told us she would be taking a week off but would be back soon. Her dad ended up dying right after she got to the hospital. I still don’t understand how she got through all of that by herself. The second time was when I was in 7th grade, I had been having a really shitty time and had been thinking about suicide a lot. We were told in our home rooms that one of the students who had just graduated had been found in his garage. My dad worked for the fire dept. so I had heard the call the night before. Listening to those emts try and save him over the scanner was heart breaking one of the policemen that was there tried shoving one of the emts off of the kid because he had been trying for 2 minutes. The emt told the cop to back off and kept on trying for a total of 20 mins. My home room teacher was good friends with him because she was a fairly young teacher and she coached track with her husband which was the kids favorite sport. She had to get the teachers aide to read the letter to the class because she could not bring herself to read it. We had a moment of silence but that was all the school did. That teacher had actually spent a lot of time with us talking about it making sure that if any of us felt like that we knew we could talk to her. She found out that I had been having suicidal thoughts and spent 3 hours out of class with me helping me, and trying to understand what I was feeling. If it weren’t for her I honestly don’t think I would be here.