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Teachers Of Internet have you ever had to explain a students death if so what did you tell them?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Teachers Of MassimoL have you ever had to explain a students death if so what did you tell them?
Teachers Of MassimoL have you ever had to explain a students death if so what did you tell them?

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I was a long term sub for a middle school band teacher out on pregnancy leave. Two weeks in, the Principal let me know first thing in the morning that the teacher I was subbing for had lost her child and I should let each class know. The students were close to the teacher and they should know he said. This was 25 years ago, so no internet. I was fresh out of college and I suggested that perhaps he should do it or maybe even a counselor. He let me know that everyone was too busy and if I had a problem I could quit. I was only a sub after all. So for the next six bells, I let each class know that sometimes life doesn’t go as you hope and that parents can lose a child before they are even born. It did not get easier as the day went on.

It is still the worst day of education in my entire career.

I am not a teacher…but a kid at my highschool committed suicide while I was there. Traditional “class” was cancelled for a few days and, instead of lessons, they brought in therapists, emotional coaches, nutritionists, etc to talk to everyone about mental diseases, depression, anxiety and different coping strategies. It was really well done by the school and there is a lot of stuff I still remember to this day…about 15 years later.

EDIT: Lots of people saying this was not their experience. Not sure if this matters, but I did go to a private high school so there was no “politics” or school district to tell them how to handle this. Again, not sure if that matters but may explain the differences of reaction.

A couple years ago one of our PreK students had a little sister die from a congenital heart defect. We live in a small area and all the kids knew her because we had had a bunch of fundraisers and the student talked about his sister often. When she died we felt very unprepared to talk to the kids about why Caleb wouldn’t be at school and what had happened to his sister. My co-teacher bought a book to read them (can’t remember the title now). We were all crying when we talked to the kids, but trying to stay calm. We explained how it was okay to be sad, that Caleb would be sad when he came back to school. We told them it was ok to ask about Alexa but Caleb may not want to talk much about her and that was ok. I remember specifically my co teacher saying “I know we all prayed for Alexa. And God did give her a new heart, but she had to go to heaven to get it.”
One of the absolute hardest days in my life. The kids were very sweet and understood way more than we thought they would.

Not a teacher but had a fellow student die in middle school on Mother’s Day. It was very hard for my teacher to explain, because it was an accident, she was hit by a car while at the beach with her mom. I remember the teacher crying and giving us all time to process, but I think she did the best she could do in that situation. I can’t imagine how teachers deal with this sort of thing. Teachers need more love in this world.

I had a girl die in my Spanish class in HS that I was somewhat friends with. Very sad… went missing one day and was found about 3 days later in the back of a burned vehicle.

It was awful because we had a clock with 12 hours each hour representing a partner to practice with. Jasmine was on my clock. Every day someone didn’t have a partner on that clock because one of us was murdered… and this was in a small town where that shit doesn’t happen. First person I ever somewhat knew that passed, all because a boyfriend and a different girl got in some stupid dispute and then decided to kill her…

Our teacher didn’t exactly handle it well though to answer the question. It was a very difficult time for the whole school.