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utenti, what career path did you choose that you strongly advise against?

If you can’t take the pressure, don’t go in a medical field.

I went with the “I have no idea what I want to do so I’ll major in business” move and 6 years later I’ve been in finance, accounting, consulting, sales, shitter sales, a different kind of shitty sales, telecom, shitty sales again, hurricane debris cleanup, shitty law firm, another kind of shitty sales, a good law firm, and now I’m an elementary school teacher.

I’m not mad about where I ended up but I definitely wouldn’t do it the same way twice. I’ve come to find out that having any bachelors degree and interview skills will get you a lot farther than just having the “right” degree

Architecture, really not for everyone.

I’ve seen so many different careers and jobs that I’m not even sure if i want any kind of job anymore

On my part, I would strongly advise against customer service and certain logistics positions. Ughh

I’ve had a lot of friends regret going into teaching, as well as friends that regretted going into law.