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utenti, what career path did you choose that you strongly advise against?

Law. Especially if someone from your family isnt already a lawyer/owns a law firm.

4+ years in business and still trying to find my right connects and industry links. My employer treats me like shit, no paid extra hours, tons of paperwork and even small mistakes could throw away everything you have worked so hard for.

Can’t even think about going independent because of student loans and risk involved without good connects. Whereas my friends from law school who had their families with the same background have purchased their first German cars 🙂

The soul-crushing experience of working in warehouse for a large corporation like Amazon or Chewy, among many others.

Your fellow co-workers are tired and overworked. The pay is usually just enough to live comfortably on your own but you will often be tired due to long hours (generally more than your average 8 hours,) have little to no room for growth within the company, and management is concerned more with production numbers than your health and safety. I see too many jaded co-workers push aside the rules in order to get their task done just so they can move on with their day, I guess because maybe in their minds it means being one step closer to getting the hell outta there for the day.

I advise NO ONE to ever get into warehouse work. There are people who enjoy the work and are more well suited to handle that kind of job atmosphere, but I would argue that those people are fucking insane.

Medicine. Generations ago doctors were respected where I’m from, and are considered “having made it”. Now the pay is crap compared to an IT job, lots of doctor shaming from people who know next to nothing, work hours are unforgiving, the ministry of health asks for “volunteers” to frontline covid without incentive (not even hazard pay) and landlords do not accept health personnel as tenants because of covid. When the medical community asked for extended quarantine publicly, the president got mad on TV because “they made the government look bad”.

Pharma rep. the company I worked for was super biased. Also, you can be dumb as rocks but they will hire you if you are good looking. It is such a shady, dated, sales style.

Criminology. Unless you’re passionate about prisons or researching, just don’t. It’s too broad.

I should’ve just done an apprenticeship like I wanted to.