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utenti who have 1000 karma only after a couple of days of joining, how do you do it?

Most of my karma came from comments so sort my new or uprising and comment some funny about the post

Make one good comment on a post that goes to the front page while it’s still in new, that’s how I did it been riding on that karma ever since.

I myself am proud to call myself a long-standing ‘Karmadodger’. I would never sully myself which such a thing.

Edit: I also have 11500 “coins”, I don’t know what this means, or if it’s good? If I could use it to repair my exhaust that would be smashing.

Actually, I just got a bit more than a 1000 upvotes yesterday on one comment. I got pretty lucky and I was one of the first to comment on a post which ended up one of the most popular posts of the day in r/unpopularopinion. Otherwise, the best way to get karma is to just comment (or post) a lot and hope that the post blows up. I admit that you do have to be lucky but you also have to make a good comment/post. So ya, just be active basically and you’ll either gradually but rapidly earn karma or have a huge post/comment with a ton of upvotes.

I got really lucky on an askreddit question