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Vegans of Internet, what food is surprisingly vegan/not vegan?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Vegans of MassimoL, what food is surprisingly vegan/not vegan?
Vegans of MassimoL, what food is surprisingly vegan/not vegan?

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I’m not vegan but I’m allergic to dairy. Anytime someone sees me eat Oreos, the conversation goes like this

Them: “I thought you were allergic to dairy”

Me: “Oreos don’t have dairy in them”

Them: “Yes they do”

Me: proceeds to read out the ingredients in Oreos

Them: “but they have dairy in them”

The thing is it’ll be like the 3rd time they see me eat them when they bring it up

Lots of things are surprisingly vegan… a lot of things like ritz-type crackers, though they taste buttery, are vegan. Nutter Butter cookies are also vegan. A lot of canned crescent rolls and cinnamon rolls are vegan (not all of them, but quite a few!). There are also a number of vegan frozen pies (I think Marie Calendar has some vegan ones, in particular the berry pie).

A lot of breads that you would think are vegan are actually not, either because of milk products or honey.

Beer. They are not even necessarily vegetarian.

Surprisingly vegan: Walker’s Roast Chicken crisps.

A lot of red stuff isn’t vegetarian, as cochineal/carnival acid/E120 is a super common red dye that’s made from crushed up bugs