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What 100% ruins a movie for you every time?

When the premise for a major conflict in the movie is something that any sane person would have just said “oh no there’s a misunderstanding” and they all have a laugh and go on with their days… But instead it turns into some convoluted drama.

Fake food props. Like ice cubes that fall to the bottom of the glass or those weird eggs Clark Kent was cooking for Lois.

Phones that ring and ring and ring, and the character just won’t answer it. The sound drives me up the wall, esp. with old corded phones, and in a lot of films the character just stares. I get that filmmakers use this to ramp up suspense, but imo it’s the sort of anxiety that takes me OUT of the movie, not into it.

When your watching a movie, and no matter what the plot/storyline is, when your taken out of the movie mentality world and think “yeah no way that could happen.”

Demonic Possession/ Ghost movies that use upside down crosses as satanic imagery.