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What 100% ruins a movie for you every time?

Forced romance subplots in a non-romance based movie.


A hero I’m supposed to root for because????? They’re the protagonist???

The villain doesn’t have a reason, they’re just Random and CRaZy

When the trailers reveal most of the plot.

Mentioning other movies, especially when an inferior movie brings up a superior movie it was clearly inspired by (except this works in comedies… sometimes)

Bad exposition dialogue

“As the son of [GOODPERSON] you shouldn’t do drugs here..”
“Kleetus, you’re my [SIBLING]. I’ve taken care of you since [PARENT] died and [OTHERPARENT] left us. Remember how we would play at [HOMEPLACE] but you had to move away because [JOB]?”
“Well, well, well, Micky, the [MOSTWANTEDCRIMINAL], at my doorstep. What’s the matter, didn’t your [PARENT] cut you any more slack, so you’ve traveled here from [PLACE] to see your [SIBLING], my [SPOUSE]?”

Edit: Brackets

My little bitch ass cousin asking my a question every 30 seconds, like I don’t know Gerick, I’ve never seen the movie either how tf would I know the answer to the question the script clearly wants you to ask yourself about and will be revealed if you just shut up and watch

Like bro you are 16, figure out cinema structure shit