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What age did you know if you wanted kids or not?

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Mainly I’m wondering if there was a point in your life you knew kids weren’t the plan for you or you had an aha moment about having kids that made you want them! (Sorry if my question doesn’t make sense)

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28 and I’m still on the fence. Decided to reassess in a couple years and stop worrying about it. Found myself a partner that is also on the fence and is just happy being with me whether we end up having kids or not.

I think I first actively verbalized that I didn’t want kids at 14 or 15 years old, but doing so felt less like a new discovery and more like finally putting words to something I had already been feeling.

I knew when I was 12 that I did not want kids. I don’t remember if there was a specific event that cemented it but my childhood wasn’t great and I knew I didn’t want to perpetuate the cycle.

I’ve known since my own early childhood that I’d never want kids of my own.

When I was 4, I told my poor mom (who was taking care of my baby brother) that being a mom looks like an awful job and I’m glad it’s not my job.
As a kid, I just assumed being a parent was an inevitable part of growing up, but around 18 I learned that there are some people who genuinely want kids, and some who don’t and decide not to have them. So that’s probably the first time I vocalized not being interested in having kids. I’m 25 now, and my opinions haven’t changed much in the past 21 years.

as soon as i realized that not having kids was an option i knew i didn’t want them.

before then, i just assumed having kids happened whether or not you wanted them, because i was raised in a pretty religious environment. it was such a massive relief to learn that i had a choice. because i’d been terrified of pregnancy and dreading motherhood my whole childhood.

I’ve always knew I wanted children. I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t sure about having children.

I was on the fence until I was about 22. I thought about what my life would look like with kids and it just didn’t appeal to me, then reading a book helped me solidify and decide once and for all that I did not want them at all. Now at 33 I’m still happy with the decision to not have them.

I have always known I didn’t want children. I’m 29 and never gave it a second thought. I’m sure sure

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