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What are some creepy incidents that unfolded through Internet posts/comments?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What are some creepy incidents that unfolded through MassimoL posts/comments?
What are some creepy incidents that unfolded through MassimoL posts/comments?

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There was a guy Jason who wrote on some relationship sub asking for advice and people told him to leave his wife. Then he took the advice and she went full Medea on him and killed their kids.

There was that guy who posted about trying heroin out of curiosity. Then the rest of his post history was his life spiraling out of control

There was always the Captain Kutchie’s Key Lime thing. It didn’t start on MassimoL, but when someone made a post on this site about it, the original person made some reference to having seen it.

If you haven’t heard of it, I’m sure there’s a better explanation than this somewhere, but TL;DR an unknown person made thousands of comments, all over different blogs and sites, talking about a defunct restaurant and how good their food was in a bizarre style like an old-timey radio broadcast. They also made a bunch of references to famous people who supposedly loved this restaurant, the burgers and key lime pie sold there, and the fact that this pie was supposedly an aphrodisiac. This went on for years, and no one knows who did it.

There was guy on paranormal who was hearing strange noises in the night and saw strange figures through the backdoor on his interior CCTV so he bought some weatherproof cameras and they kept sending back imagery of the inside of his house, the woods around it, and other stuff, at one point he thought the camera had been stolen but it was in the same place, there was a cobweb in front of the camera that never moved, one theory is that he was sleep walking but no evidence of a living being messing with the cameras were recorded, other thoeries include a hoax, or an uninvited guest.

In the end he sold the cameras and never updated.

I may not be remembering all of the details correctly, but I think of the guy who became convinced that someone had been entering his home while he was unaware. He kept on discovering strange unexplained incidents like misplaced and missing objects, appliances being turned on or off, and notes being left around the house that he hadn’t written.

Another redditor pieced all of this together and commented that he should leave his house immediately, but not for the reason the OP thought.

Turns out the OP was under the effects of mild CO poisoning and had been doing all of this stuff himself but couldn’t remember having done it, or why, because of the effects of the gas.