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What are some items that are just not made the same anymore?

Smartphones keep getting bigger, to the extent that the smallest one available locally when I needed a replacement was almost too big for my hand.

I predict/hope we’ll reach a point in the upscaling of phones and downscaling of tablets where the collective scratch their heads, realise the dumb mistake they’ve made, and slowly start reverting both products back in size.

Anybody ever have Breyer’s ice cream back in the 90s? Remember that ad campaign they always ran that basically listed all their ingredients, and how much pride they had in being 100 percent natural?

Cut to them being bought out by Unilever in the late 90s, and getting crammed with so much artificial crap that the FDA wouldn’t even let them call themselves ice cream.

Look at any tub of Breyer’s today and it will say “Frozen dairy-based dessert”, which means that the guy working in the lab that made this crap might’ve had milk to drink during his lunch break.

When my grandfather passed away, many years ago, my dad and I inherited his tools. He had an air compressor made out of steel that all the pros we know were salivating over. At first I thought it was a collector’s item -but they wanted it for their businesses because they stopped making them and that one would never break (so they said). Mind you, the air compressor had to be 20-30 years old.

Furniture!! IKEA Ashleys is etcetera etcetera is expensive yet all sells particle board garbage.

Here in OZ we all believe that Wagon Wheels biscuits have been getting smaller, but the companies claim they are not. I don’t know. It never bothered me as I always just eat the whole packet.