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What are some items that are just not made the same anymore?

EVERYTHING is marginally smaller in order to save a few bucks on cost

My daughter asked me for Gushers the last time we went to the grocery store. I tried one when we got home and my mouth was very confused and I ended up spitting it out. That was not what they tasted like in the 90s.

Sprite and Fanta and many other soft drinks in Australia. They’ve gone from being sweetened with plain old cane sugar, to being sweetened with 70% cane sugar and 30% fucking stevia.

Same with Cottees cordial.

It’s disgusting.

Cartoons and it was pretty recent that it shifted. Back in the day every show on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon was amazing like Courage the Cowardly Dog but now most of them are just easy to produce garbage that only last a few seasons just to get replaced by moe trash.

Doc Marten boots. Used to be UK made and lasted forever. Now they wear out like everything else.