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What are some useful facts to survive in certain situations?

Don’t pour water on an oil fire.

Take off your shoes it will make your footsteps quieter

Most people are really easy to convince. The art of bullshitting, as i call it, is actually pretty easy. People will usually give you the benefit of the doubt if you act like you know what youre talking about. If you sound like everything you said was 100% fact, they will usually take it as such, at least initially. This isnt necessarily one to help survive, but just a good life skill to have.

Concerning bears: If it’s black, fight back. If it’s brown, lie down. If it’s white, goodnight.

If you’re skydiving with other people, and both your chutes (main and reserve) fail to open, track your way over to another individual and loop your arms through their parachute straps and cross your arms in front of you before they open their chute.

The resulting decrease in speed from your saviour opening their parachute will likely dislocate both shoulders, but you’re more likely to survive.

(It will undoubtedly be covered in whatever training you do, but repetition is key to learning what to do in case of a malfunction).

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