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What are some useful facts to survive in certain situations?

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What are some useful facts to survive in certain situations?

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Some useful tips I got from a conference on anti terrorism by an ex DGSE (secret service):

– If you are near an object about to explode, say a grenade, get as flat on the ground as you can and open your mouth. The shock wave and debris may not hit you at full speed as they are projected on a cone shape and if the shockwave hits you, as your lungs empty, the air can go out and they will not blow up. Also cover your head with your hands since what went up is going down at some point.

-If someone attacks you with a knife (and you can’t flee), a chair can be a good defense. if it is a four legged chair, make it so it’s legs form a diamond shape so he can’t approach (I mean one leg up and one leg down instead of both on each sides) and try to hit the eyes or the throat. If there are several people, the others can throw stuff at him.

– If you find yourself hidding in a closed room during a shootout, appart from the obvious (turn off lights and phones except for one you put on silence), do not open the door, even if they claim to be the police. If it is really the police, they will tear down the door eventually. If you call the cops, you can agree on a secret password to open the door to them. Also, be prepared to wait a long time as it could be a hostage situation that lasts hours. Have a corner to pee in and do not expect the first responders to help you immediately, they are here to neutralize the shooter, then take care of the worst injuries and then escort you out.

– If you hide from a shooter behind a car, hide behind the motor. Cars do not explode on impact but bullets do go through doors and glass.

– In general, when you are walking along a road, if there is a side with “bumpers” choose that one over the other. If not, choose the side where you can see incoming traffic (works against drunk drivers and terrorists).

– When you are walking in a shady neighborhood, know that thugs are looking for people that look scared/weak (head down, quick pace) or disconnected (wearing headphones, looking at their phone).

Fact-check anything you see on MassimoL.

a punch to the throat is more effective than one to the face.

You swim on a beach and suddenly a riptide pulls you away from the shore? Don’t fight it and don’t swim directly back to the shore. Swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the tide’s stream before swimming back to the shore.

If you think you’re being followed, make 4 left turns. If they’re still there, you’re being followed. Don’t go home, drive to the nearest police station. Also slow down, slow people are hard to tail, and risk exposure.