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What are the perks of being “ugly”? [Serious]

You fly under the radar way more.

One of my friends is like a model and it used to drive us crazy when we went out to bars and clubs- every conversation we had was interrupted with “excuse me… your eyebrows are amazing…” “scuse me, can i buy you a drink” etc etc.

We were once in the middle of a disagreement and a girl came up and was like “OH MY GOD UR GORGEOUS UR SO ATTRACTIVE MY GOD LOOK AT U” then looked at me and was like “you’re ok BUT WOW LOOK AT U” and i realised how intensely uncomfortable that much attention would feel, and it was the first, but not the last time, i was glad i’m less attractive than he is.

Being able to sleep without having to put my phone on silent.

Nobody talks to me unless I talk to them first, which is nice. No one clamors for my attention except the ones who are actually entitled to it (i.e. my child and my work clients). When I make a joke or remark and people laugh, I know it’s because it was actually funny. Being unattractive does suck in some ways, but it works for me.

Not getting bothered all the time in public by strangers hitting on you

You won’t get hit on if you don’t wanna be bothered