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What are the perks of being “ugly”? [Serious]

No worry about aging. Don’t feel like I still have to look 20 so men will be interested.

I honestly can’t think of one. I would love to get attention from people, get hired from jobs easier, get laid way faster and have people just trust me without actually knowing me. Leaving a good impression with as little as work as possible is invaluable. Most people will just like you by default. It must be the best ego boost ever. I could use that.

As I am now I basically might as well not even exist.

Loading up with hours at work. I grew up invisible. Enjoying the perks still

Easily forgettable. Nobody wants to look at this ugly face twice, let alone remeber it!

Not having to be perfect all the times, have a bad hair day? Have a nasty pimple? No one cares, you anyways are ugly lol.