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What are your little joys in life?

Coffee in the morning. A little marijuana at night. Playing video games with my kids when we have the time. Taking walks in the park when the weather is just around 50 degrees. Indian food.

I’ve learned to be thankful for the tiny things. The meal I cooked tastes half decent. My parents call me once a month. I ordered take out and didn’t stutter too badly. I’ve found it’s best to set your standards really low to get the best out of life

My stupid, gorgeous, sweetest greyhound.

Waking up before sunrise. Driving my bike to the gym with my music. My bf pouring me a glass of red wine after a day of work. Fridays. Girls week-ends by the beach. The cat purring on the sofa. Eating a cheese platter in bed with my bf while watching a show.

Wit in conversation. A perfectly delivered comeback. When your opponent starts choking on their own spit.