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What cold case or unsolved crime still gives you chills?

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What cold case or unsolved crime still gives you chills?

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The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art heist:

On the night of March 18, 1990, museum guards allowed two men dressed as police officers to enter Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. They were fake cops and immediately tied up the guards and set about stealing 13 art works worth a half-billion dollars.

Despite the $10 million reward, the case remains unsolved.

Branson Perry disappeared from his own backyard in 2001. He had friends over to help get the house in order for his dad who was coming home from the hospital. He went to the backyard to put something away in the shed, and no one saw him again.

His dad came home like a week later than expected, so his disappearance wasn’t reported till later, but what about the friends that were there with him? Did they not notice his disappearance? Why didn’t they look for him? Then when police checked the shed, the item he was returning wasn’t there, but shows up randomly like 2 weeks later.

Apparently he had a history of drug use, and his dad had just caught him sleeping with a male friend a week before he disappeared or something. Somehow police came to the conclusion that he hitchhiked somewhere. They arrested a guy who would pick up young male hitchhikers and kill them, and he admitted to many murders but not Brandon.

It’s not eerie or chilling per say, there’s just so many random facts about the case that don’t seem to have any correlation. What’s even stranger is that his cousin was actually murdered a few years after him, some woman murdered her and removed her unborn baby from her stomach. That poor family, what’re the odds?

Edit: added the name of the boy and the year he disappeared, I couldn’t remember the info when I typed this originally and had trouble finding it again.

The Atlas Vampire

In 1932, a woman living alone in Stockholm was found bludgeoned to death in her apartment. The discovery of a blood-covered gravy ladle led police to believe that they had found the murder weapon, but this was not the case. The murderer had used it to drink her blood, and had successfully drained the corpse of nearly all liquid before fleeing the scene.

The USS Cyclops disappearance, a US navy ship vanished without a trace with over 300 men on board in the Bermuda Triangle in 1918. What’s even creepier is that two of her sister ships also vanished on that same route in the 1940s. Her other sister ship was renamed the USS Langley and converted into America’s first aircraft carrier. The loss of the Cyclops is the largest non combat loss of life in navy history.

Elizabeth Barraza & her husband lived in the neighborhood behind me.
On January 25, 2019 someone drove up to the house as she was setting up for a garage sale. The person got out of their truck & walked up and shot her several times and then drove away.
We have surveillance video from a neighbor & it shows the whole thing. But there still hasn’t been a suspect named, the Harris County police are at a loss. It was so early in the morning that the light was still low so it’s hard to tell if the person is even a male or female. Elizabeth was a wonderful person, she was heavily involved in a volunteer group that would visit hospitals dressed as characters from Star Wars. Her marriage was great, there’s just no reason for someone to want to kill her. So over a year later there’s been nothing, all we know right now is that a random person just drove up and shot Elizabeth in her driveway.