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What do you do when you start to miss somebody who is dead?

First I get sad. And that makes me wish I could have done things differently. And then I remember there are a lot of people in my life who are still alive, but won’t be forever. So I check in with them, and try to do and say the things I wish I had done or said with those who died

Remember the good times. They wouldn’t want you to feel down

Plant a tree in their memory, and watch it grow into something beautiful.

I talked about thia recently, but 5 years ago I lost my dog, Snoopy. He was my best friend for almost 17 years so it was a very painful loss for me.

One night shortly after he died I got drunk and decided I wanted a tattoo of a caricature of him to remember him by. I asked my room/best (human) friend to draw it on my right forearm, since I am right handed and it was hard for me to do. Well, it was even harder to try and tattoo myself with my non-dominant hand and the result was a very sloppy tattoo.

Even though it looks bad, it’s my most cherished tattoo because it’s such a raw expression of emotion. Whenever I miss him I look down at that goofy face on my arm and remember all the happiness that he brought me and all the great memories we made together. It might not be something for everyone, but it never fails to put a smile on my face.

Think of the good times you had with them. Cherish them and share similar moments with friends or family who are alive.