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What doomsday situation is most likely to happen in real life?

Dude, have you watched the news?

Rent & Bills due at the end of the month

I’m really thinking a dystopia here. Blind allegiance to government, straight up fact denial, no human rights, a hivemind. To me, this seems like the most likely doomsday situation possible.

Give it another week. We’re about to find out.

Given how shit we have proved to be at containing infectious disease, I’m gonna go “a slightly worse pandemic”.

If we get something as infectious as COVID-19 but with, like, a 1 in 100 mortality rate, we’ll be fucked. Or even more effective at wiping us out will be something incredibly infectious with an infertility rate. Most people won’t care because of the lack of actual death, and we’ll be Children of Men’ing it in no time.