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What fictional character pissed you off so much that you wanted to punch them through the screen ?

The Religious nutsack lady from The Mist(2007)

Dolores Umbridge.

That casting director was spot the fuck on.

Harvey bilchek from UHF

Megan. She was always getting Drake and Josh in trouble even if they did nothing wrong.

Serena Joy from Handmaid’s Tale.

Oh boooohooo! You gotta deal with a shitty life that you helped create! The very definition of leopards ate my face and you got the gal to complain. The protagonist does some dumb shit too but she didn’t ask for it! At least for the guys getting power it makes sense but her?! Granted only 3 seasons in but holy fuck is she insufferable.

I can’t stand characters (or real people for that matter) who can’t deal with the consequences they fought for