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What happened to the first person you had sex with?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What happened to the first person you had sex with?
What happened to the first person you had sex with?

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Lost track of him for about ten years. Next I heard about him he had murdered his girlfriend and killed himself two apartments down from my best friend’s place.

I recently tried to track here down after 45 years and discovered that she died when she was 33. She had a daughter who is married. Its all starting to slip away


She got leukemia

And, no shit, the SECOND girl I had sex with ALSO got leukemia

The rest haven’t…yet

(Both girls beat leukemia)

She ran away from home, shaved her head, came back, tried to kill herself, was committed for 45 days, was released to a group home, ran away from the group home, got caught at a trap house during a bust, sent back to group home, group home sent her to rehab, tried to kill herself in rehab, recommitted for 45 days…

Long story short, she’s married to someone equally unstable, they have 3 children together that somehow have had to raise their parents.

She died a couple years ago.

Fuck cancer.

We broke up, I got to keep the kids, she got to keep acting like one.

My first time was in a cemetery with a goth girl I was in high school with.

We went separate ways after graduating and attended different colleges. She went full furry and is currently some kind of extremely senior network admin at Akamai or one of those huge internet backbone companies, living her best life as one of “the furries who run the internet”.

We went our separate ways and reconnected 19 years later. Getting married later this year.

Edit: a little more for y’all – We dated for a few months in high school. Ended things on good terms, neither one of us knew what we were doing.

In 2018 I found a mixed cd she made me and hit her up to see how she was doing, honest check in. And we just kept talk and fell in love.

2nd edit: I showed my partner the post and we are super grateful for all the love and support. Reading other people’s similar stories in the comments has been a true joy this morning. Wish each and every one of you happy and healthy relationships in your life (romantic and otherwise) ❤️

She got married to a man who has the same name as me, has a beautiful daughter and knits as a hobby. She appears to have a very good life. 🙂

I married her. We’ve been together for 35 years now.

What I know is that she died at age 29, on the same day as her infant daughter’s funeral.

I actually just found out more by regoogling. She (Susan) was about a month shy of 29. Her daughter was 3, so older than I thought. It was a car accident! The baby died first. I had assumed suicide.

He died in a car accident our senior year. Drinking and driving does not mix.

He was deployed to Syria and never came home.

She is a teacher at the same high school we banged it out in the parking lot

She married me, the damn fool.

Never heard from him again lol.

He’s sitting next to me, we just finished watching our 14 year old play through all of RE4.

We were 19. About a year later she made up a random excuse to break up with me so she could start dating some other guy without having to be honest about it. Common enough at that age of course, I’m not mad about it now although I sure as hell was confused at the time.

She had an unusual name so I just googled her thanks to this thread. I found her obituary, apparently she died in a car accident in 2016 and was divorced with three kids. The obit mentions enough about her surviving relatives to tell me that yep, it was her.

She died in a car accident I had. I found out about it just over a month later when I woke up from a coma.