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What is a fun fact about depression ?

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What is a fun fact about depression ?

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I notice my depression gets bad when I willingly let all my plants die in my house. Takes 10 seconds to water but my brains like, nah too much work.

Depression harms short term memory

You never really realize you have it until you find yourself crying because of everything and nothing at the exact same time.

Depression can cause short-term memory loss. Scientists are still trying to figure out how, why, and to what extent people with depression have memory loss or symptoms of memory loss.

Anecdotally, I can’t remember good chunks of my childhood because of early-onset depression.

You’re sad you are alone, but when someone likes you, you freak out and aren’t able to even talk to them, so you just keep sad, lonely and now you have the title of “not knowing what you whant”, but you know what you whant but just can’t handle It. (Sorry for typos, english isn’t my first language and i’m not proficient)