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What is a fun fact about you?

Where do I begin
Top 5

I was named after a brand of soy sauce, doesnt help I’m Asian

I found I was pregnant 6 weeks before I gave birth to my beautiful daughter

My ex boyfriend looks so much like sam from game of thrones

I can do a slide in splits without prior stretching whenever (no dance or gymnastics background, just flexible)

I have a doppelganger looks like a summer tan verison of me , same background everything as well
But the freaky part … there name is what I was meant to be originally called

I have many more but these are my favs

I have an unusually long tongue, which means I can lick my nose, elbow and tonsils

Also I was resuscitated 3 times after I was born

Every day I shatter my own personal record for length of time being alive.

I can throw a virtually infinite number of unfunny lines. It’s funny.

Mine: There is literally nothing remotely special or fascinating about me.