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What is a fun fact about you?

I had no idea for a long time, but I was unintentionally a famous criminal.

I had watched the film signs and thought the crop circles looked cool. So, everyday, I would take my dogs out for a walk and I would make a bunch of crop circles. I had no idea that it was illegal and didn’t really interact with the rest of the village.

So years later I’m talking to my wife (she grew up in the same village), the topic of crop circles came up and she was asking if I remembered the time when police were regularly patrolling at night to catch the guy who made crop circles in 18 different fields. I burst into laughter when I realised it was me, and I have found a few articles where UFO hunters are commenting on them XD.

It got funnier this year when I was speaking to my SIL and it came up. Turns out she was a believer for the longest time because she couldn’t see how someone was able to make so many without the police catching them. I believe the reason I was never caught was because they were searching at night, but not knowing it was illegal I was doing it in broad daylight when they weren’t there.

I like when people touch my nipples (I’m a dude)

As a child teachers were always telling me what great potential I had. My entire life people have been telling me about my great potential. I’m 58 and still hearing about my “potential”.

I have partial heterochromia

I have an unsual liking to extreme sourness, I honestly don’t know why, I also have font like handwriting.