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Consiglio: Teenagers (13-17) Never believe when an adult tells you you’re “mature” or “smart” for your age

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Dear Kiddos,

Never believe when an adult tells you that you're mature for you're age because you are not. You may be smart, but adults are smarter and should know better. Never believe when they just want to be your friend either. I don't know any adults who are friends with teens. I myself am 33, so not that old but pretty old in the perspective of a teenager, but I don't have anything in common with a teen.

I am seeing a trend of youtube Influencers in their 20s and early 30s with discords full of minors. You kids aren't experience enough to see this as a red flag, but I the adult see it for what it is and it is predatory and inappropriate. I know its hard and can be really lonely being a teenager and the internet is a wild vast space. I want you guys to stay safe out there.


Edit: There really is no grey area here guys. Adults may be friendly to you but a mature healthy adult will have nothing in common with a teenager. I have adult friends who also stream, their target audience is adults, and they have children as well. Adults also shouldn't feel comfortable being sexually lewd and inappropriate around minors as well. <3

Clarification: There are many wholesome streamers who stream for all ages and aren't inappropriate with their audience. I love them they're great to watch with with my kids. There are so many that aren't and are so bad my 12 year old cringes.