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What is are your most comforting words when it comes to having your heart broken?

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Broken hearts that turned into happy experiences.

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Straightforward emotional validation is what works best IMO. Like “You sound like you are really hurting right now.”

None. As a teenage girl, I remember coming home from my dad’s house (he was emotionally abusive, but our family didn’t know what that was back then) and my mom just hugged me. Like a baby, I was on her lap and she held me. Thankfully she stopped allowing visits after that.

Or, the honesty of other people’s reaction. Hearing how someone is so angry by whatever situation I explained. It makes me feel less alone and even helps me give myself permission to feel whatever I am feeling.

For me, it’s that I am lucky to be feeling these strong emotions. Sometimes better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all. I also thank myself for putting myself out there which is scary to do.
I also know that what is meant for me will not pass me up. And that I can get a lesson from this experience.

  1. You haven’t yet met all the people who will love you. It’s hard to believe in the moment but it will happen. 2. The song ‘thank heaven for unanswered prayers’ I know there are so many things I really wanted that would have just been wrong for me looking back now. If that happened before, one day I will look back and know there was another, more beautiful thing waiting for me so it’s ok.

Spite is what comforts me. “How dare he break up with me? I’m gonna become the best version of myself and let him stew in regret”. This works the best for me.

After my first breakup, My spite got me through the med school and helped me graduate as the valedictorian.

After my second breakup, I travelled a lot, made some amazing memories and is currently in the process of moving to another continent.

At the start of the breakup I kept replaying my favorite memories with my ex over and over again in my head. I was focusing so intently on what I lost. However, eventually I realized that these favorite memories were not from the start of the relationship. We built this relationship over time and with communication. Staring out all we had was a spark. I realized I can find a spark with another great and kind person. I was able to build a great relationship once and I know I can do it again. Plus, the next one can be with someone I am even more compatible with. I was able to feel acceptance after this and began to look forward to the bright future of possibilities ahead. 🙂

“Fuck him, he’s an arsehole, I never liked him anyway. Did you notice the way he…” and went on to list all of the annoying, embarrassing, petty things about my ex. I ended up laughing through my tears. It’s always great to have someone in your corner no matter what, especially one who isn’t above being petty, immature and creatively insulting when necessary.

What helped me with my last two was saying “it only gets better from here”. And it was true. I went from a crappy high school relationship to a hot guy in college. Then a hot guy after him who put in more effort. And then finally my extremely attractive husband who treats me right. I just always kept the mindset that “that was good, but it could’ve been better, and one day it will be better” 🙂

“It’ll pass” is something I tell myself a lot while going through a heartbreak. There are very few things time can’t cure, you probably won’t even remember the pain in a year from now. It’s tough, but it’ll indeed pass.

Life doesn’t give us what we can’t handle. Tomorrow will be easier, it’ll take work but it will be easier.

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