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What is going to happen to Hong Kong? [Serious]

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What is going to happen to Hong Kong? [Serious]

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Hong Kong person here. People who can afford immigration will immigrate. Those who cannot will resist for as long as possible. Overall the odds are stacked against us.

It’s sad to say, but China will implement standard imperial policy. They will flood Hong Kong with mainland Chinese who are loyal to the CCP. They will make the environment extremely hostile for native Hong Kong population and those who hold Western ideals of democracy and freedom. They will either outright send them to re-education camps or make it extremely difficult for them to find work or access basic services like healthcare. Essentially, Hong Kong people will become second class citizens. The social credit system will be the CCP’s tool.

Those with the fund to emigrate will do so. Those without the funds will be forced to move to mainland China where they will be beaten into submission by peer pressure from their coworkers and neighbors.

The West won’t care because money talks. Doing business with China is more important than intervening to save Hong Kong.

I’ve been wondering the same thing.

I dont know what to do besides continue the conversation so the world wont forget they are still fighting and it’s getting worse.

I think China is just going to cripple them and no one will do anything about it because China is too important

I honestly think they’ll be silenced and nobody will do a thing about it. Africa and Europe get a lot of their trade wealth from China, so they won’t stand up for Hong Kong because of their bank amounts, and America is too busy infighting between the two political parties to do anything constructive, much less take on a nuclear world power alone.