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What is it with Americans and gender reveal parties?

Gender reveal parties were cool at first but I don’t now why they make them so weird. Like when my newborn niece’s gender was revealed, my brother and his fiancée did it adorably by showing us a baby-sized pink Convers shoe.

But since America prides itself on making dick-measuring contests out of everything, they go overboard with what could’ve been a nice humble gesture.

Americans like to eat and blow things up, so we created an event for cake and explosions.


Finding out a babies sex at birth is one of the few surprises left in life. I held my own first born for twenty minutes, in complete awe of the miracle of birth, before I thought to look. At best I think these parties are supposed to be fun via typical American excess. At worst they hold up gender stereotypes, are assinine social media one-upmanship, and cause accidental deaths and wildfires. I don’t know a single person who has done one TBH.

It’s a fun way to gather friends and family together to surprise them with your baby’s genitals