Domande di Internet

What is one thing people do that really grinds your gears ?

Constantly posting their opinions as fact when they have no real education or research behind the subject.

Randomly popping into my room while I’m sleeping,turn on the lights and start watch the TV at full volume

I have a handful of older coworkers who will constantly ask me to email them a file–say, a presentation, or a customer-facing document or the like–that I’ve sent them before, sometimes multiple times. It’s like they don’t see it as their responsibility to keep track of things or keep their files organized.

Each time it only takes a minute to send the file, so I can’t give them too hard a time about it or I look petty. But it’s just lazy and disrespectful. Do they think I don’t have other things to do? I’m not their secretary or something… I have my own job.

Learn how to use the shared storage drives. Or, if not, then download files to a folder on your computer so you can ieep track of them. Hell, you can even save them right to the desktop if that’s easier! It’s not that hard.



Deliberately toss their trash on the street. Or don’t clean up their dog’s poop. Where I live there’s a trend of bagging it, but then leaving the full bags on the street or on tree branches. Sometimes I’m not at all surprised we’re having a pandemic.