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What’s the most fitting case of “vigilante justice” you’ve ever heard of?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What’s the most fitting case of “vigilante justice” you’ve ever heard of?
What’s the most fitting case of “vigilante justice” you’ve ever heard of?

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The mans name was Ken Rex McElroy. He terrorized the small town he lived in for years. He was accused of: regularly stealing from his neighbours stuff like livestock, gasoline, and antiques; robbery; harassing/assaulting/raping women (two as young as twelve); destroying property (including burning down his wife’s parents house when she tried to leave him); assault, including shooting at least 2 people.
He was charged with various crimes at least 3 times a year, but he had an incredible lawyer. Dude was only ever charged with anything once.
He used to intimidate witnesses against him by following them or parking outside their homes and watch them until they were too scared to testify against him.
That one time he was charged, by the way? He shot a grocer in the neck with a shotgun. For that he was given a charge of second degree assault. Max two year sentence. But he appealed of course and got out on bail. So he goes into a bar and loudly threatens to murder said grocer (who survived the shotgun to the neck by the way). All that did was get his trial pushed back.

Anyway so the town had a meeting, then a big group of them went to the bar where Ken liked to drink and shot him in the fucking head.

A 15 year old boy imitated a 14 year old girl to attract the attention of a pedophile. When the pedo went to his house, the kid beat him up and called the police on the guy.

All done while wearing a SpiderMan mask.

A mans son was abducted by his karate teacher and raped over quite a long period of time. The police caught him, and as they were bringing him through the airport, his father pretended to be on a pay phone. When the rapist and police walked by, he turned around and shot the rapist in the head killing him instantly. This was all caught live on the news. The father wasn’t charged with murder. He received 5 years probation.

I once had a co-worker who worked at a regional medical center where all the inmates are placed if they are admitted. She saw a lot of guys come in with rectal trauma. I also saw a documentary years ago about a man who grew up in a little town. He bullied everyone that lived there. One day in broad daylight he was shot dead on Main Street. The whole town said they didn’t see anything. No one was ever charged.