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What’s the most fitting case of “vigilante justice” you’ve ever heard of?

Back in middle school I admittedly bullied this other girl pretty bad, including once shoving her into some dog poop.

One day her older brothers came by as I was walking home from school and forced me to eat dog poop.

Some dude in New Delhi was caught raping a woman and a mob beat him up and castrated him. Video for those who aren’t squeamish.

A guy caught a man raping his daughter, by the time the cops got to the scene the man was bruised and broken and his face was unrecognizable. He told the police that he might have fallen down the stairs a couple times, they accepted that and arrested the rapist.

A man in Shiner, TX caught a guy sexually assaulting his daughter and beat him so badly that he ended up dying. The father did however call 911 and a grand jury didn’t indict him.

It’s more of just “justice” but there’s the judge that comes up with punishments that fit the crime- a lady left a box of puppies outside, so he ordered her to sleep outside in a box.