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What’s the most fitting case of “vigilante justice” you’ve ever heard of?

In South Africa vigilante justice is common practice, there was a rapist in one of the communities where a group of men held a man, legs open, and set a dog on his genitals, this is usually followed by a large group beating the person to death.

A guy tried to stab me in the eye with a lockback, wouldnt hand over my wallet. His dealer got wind of it, spiked him with acid and dumped him in the woods at night to find his own way home. From what im told it was a 15 mike walk to the nearest town.

I dont even buy from the dude.

somewhere in northern ontario a few guys bagged a dude. sack on head and beat him so bad he spent a long time in the hospital. dude was physically abusing his wife and daughter. cops came to the high school and “questioned” people. everyone knew who did it.. boyfriend of the daughter but cops dropped all investigations soon after.

Growing up in a farming town a long time ago…heard a story about a grown man who was caught in the act of trying to rape someone’s 14 year old daughter, in their own home…

Got caught by the father, and the father arranged for the would-be rapist to be raped by one of the horses that night.

Sounds almost too crazy to be true, but every one of the kids in that household swears that it happened and corroborated all the details….yikes.

That mma fighter from Brazil who raped is own one year old son , so you know , Brazil ,rapist ,jail. They make him new one in jail first and the when he is in the jail infirmary healing that night again about 30 guys rape him .