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What is something sexual that you realized was hotter in fantasy than in reality?

Call me old fashioned, but I think one night stands are overrated.

Being a pornstar. Way, way more tedious work than you could ever imagine. Shooting and fucking is the least of what I get to do. Porn sex isn’t near as fun as its made look. Its a performance and then edited. There’s still so many incorrect and outdated stereotypes and stigmas and the fans can be absolutely delusional.


Three way. It’s hard enough finding someone who you find attractive and who finds you attractive . Now try finding two people who you find attractive, who find you attractive, and who find each other attractive. Someone is going to be disappointed.

Passionate, stand and carry, pressed up against the wall, fucking.

I learned a lot of things very quickly that night.

1 I’m not as strong as I think I am.

2 Walls are cold and pressing your partner up against them will be an unwelcome shock.

3 Even at low speeds the momentum of 2 humans colliding with a wall and the aforementioned “cold wall shock” turns a kiss into a head on collision of teeth.