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What is something that you would highly recommend?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What is something that you would highly recommend?
What is something that you would highly recommend?

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Couch to 5K.

I did the NHS one because I heard good things even though I dont live in the UK. I just had to download them week by week rather than download the app.

When I started I literally couldn’t run for 20 seconds. I treated Week 1 as Month 1 to start, because I was so unfit. Took another month doing Week 2. Got up to 5k in about 6 months. Maybe a bit longer? But after Week 4/Month 4 I found I could go through the levels a lot faster. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself, physically and mentally.

It has this nice narrator called Laura, who says soothing things like “Be careful not to go too FAHHST, you dont want to overdo it and get discouraged” Music to my ears! I loved Laura.

Practicing the skill of putting yourselves into the shoes of the other side of an argument. The world would be a lot better place if more people attempted to empathize.

Last year I started to get random packages from amazon. I got headbands, a manicure hand wax thing… stuff I definitely didn’t order and would not use. That is, until I received a giant blue pregnancy pillow. This thing is hideous but my god is it incredible. I’m not pregnant and neither is my boyfriend but we fight over who gets the long side of it. I highly recommend getting a pregnancy pillow accidentally sent to you.

If someone dies and you are getting rid of their stuff go through it very thoroughly. One, a lot of random crap is valuable, my grandmoms vcr sold on ebay for $100, an alarm clock for $40, and a quilt she used so an old mirror in the attic didn’t break fetched us $750 at auction. Those were all items i pulled from the dumpster as my aunt was tossing them before i convinced her to stop.

Two, old people hide money in crazy places. I was helping clear out an abandoned house for a flipper. We found money in books, records, shoes, jackets, we ended up splitting nearly 13,000 between the 4 of us. Unfortunately this was after the 2nd dumpster was hauled away.

Finding a hobby you love. Or doing that thing you’ve always told yourself you’ll do. Even if you suck at it