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What is something that you’re a fan of but don’t want to tell people because you’ll be grouped in with a really annoying fan base?

Mma/Kickboxing. I love watching the sport and I even train, but they’re the most annoying group of douche bags possible. They claim to be humble but are really not.

Twilight when it was at its most popular, but I’m not embarrassed about it anymore. I feel like the fanbase has grown up and matured with the books and we can laugh about the cringe parts of the series while still loving it.

Kpop. Ppl assume I want to learn Korean, move to Korea, and “become Korean”….I just like the production value of the music vids that’s about it

Edit: nothing wrong w learning Korean or any other language, just don’t want ppl to assume that all K-pop fans learn it. Some ppl like K-pop for the language, others for dancing, others for the concepts/fashion, etc.


Can’t really add to that

Pretty much anything I like or do. I don’t really like ‘being a part’ of a group and the ‘group identity’. I don’t like the prejudice that comes with interests, lifestyle or career choice. They don’t define a person.