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What is something you enjoy that other people probably doesn’t?

Arguing. For me arguments are constructive and fun… took me awhile to learn that’s not the case for everyone

My own memes, so sad.

Doing dumb shit for no reason other than its fun and exciting and wanting to put phones down and be like kids that instead of staying on our phones and devices and find shit to do context: im 16 but still remember me and my mates going out to play even if we didnt have a plan wed meet and find shit to do but now my mates say nah lets just play ps4 or if we are oht they stay on their phones so basically unless theres a plan on what to do we wont meet fuckin boring and rn on holiday my cousins on their phones i say lets do something nah were by the fucking beach lets find shit to do instead of watch fucking youtube( same age as me) sorry for the rant

Disliking / hating o things and arguing

Drying my testicles in the warm breeze of my living room window.